An Unusual Writing Guide

What you need to know to be wildly rich and famous beyond comprehension. You could take over the world if you just follow this guide. I thought about doing it myself, but honestly, that’s not my style. Just trust me. Eat this up and prevail against the dying world of 2023.

Outside influences

While it’s tempting to purely osmosis your way to becoming a writing genius by consuming thick stacks of books, there is another way. In fact, I would even say it’s required. It’s most obvious with science fiction, but all genres use varying degrees of knowledge extracted from the world and experience, including academic topics, personal interests, hobbies, sports, that girl you keep stalking, food, and so on.

Don’t think about what the readers like. Focus on what stimulates you most. The things that pull you in, will drive your attention and sink deeper into your mind, eventually giving you a better grip on those things. Then, you can seek to resonate with others who share your interests and feelings. You’ll lead their way into an imaginary world catered to their most powerful desires!

Psychology is especially useful.

This one’s pretty important. But… as you can see, this section is rather short. What the hell, right? Well, this whole post is basically about navigating the psychology of both book users and writers. As for the shortness, let’s just say it’s for comedic effect. This is secretly the introduction of the article. Why isn’t it at the top, you ask? That brings us to the next topic:

Ugh, The Rules.

There exists a problem in the writing space. Writers on the internet tend to gather in large groups, like say, Reddit, and discuss what makes writing good or bad. When this happens, a lot of strange psychological dynamics unfold.

Consider the horrifying Asch conformity experiment. A bunch of fake subjects join a real subject in an experiment. Their task is to match a line with another one of the same lengths in a list of 3 choices, like the image below.

The fake ass subjects straight up lie about their answers. In the example above, they’d say the line on the left matches with answer B. So, everyone goes around, giving their answers, just lying. By the time the real subject takes their turn, they conform and answer B as well! I told you it was disturbing. Well, that’s real life. Yes, your entire life operates on these dynamics and most definitely it’s worse when B is wrong yet seems so deliciously enticing, either because it makes sense, or rubs our ego a certain way, or makes someone rich.

By this point, you can probably figure out how this experiment ties in here. In case it’s not clear: the fucking rules are the lines! This goes for everyone’s favorite books or movies, it goes for so much. I hope I didn’t ruin life for you. Instead, use this to become more powerful. It’s not like I can change the truth for you.

Here’s a great example: the wine tasting community. They’ve gone off the rails and can’t actually tell which wines are good. What if I told you that all fields of art operate by the same ridiculous dynamics? Because they do! Why wouldn’t that be the case? Asch has shown that even mere line “tasters” operate on absurd dynamics. Even if true wine tasters exist, we clearly see that pseudo-wine tasters are all over the place enough to show up in studies like that. Thought leaders will control your mind, so don’t walk blind, open your eyes and the windows, breathe in that fresh air, and scream at the top of your lungs “FUCK THE RULES”.

Though, there is a problem. Gatekeepers will dominate your life in this domain. So, you must simp to them and feed them what they hunger for. Plus, the rules aren’t entirely wrong. They’re just poorly written by people who call themselves writers. In reality, there are rules to writing. They just haven’t been properly communicated. Instead, some weird cartoony shit has been fed to us in the form of a couple clean words that are usually a bit off from whatever the truth really is. Misunderstanding this will poison your writing with some believed metagame of writing success. So! Critically analyze the shitty rules and only loosely consider them. Don’t adhere to them like laws of nature, because they, again, were written by writers. Be wary.

Mass gatherings of writers spread the importance of these rules like a pandemic. Then, soon enough, like in the case of wine-tasters, mass psychosis takes hold. The one true rule: make the reader read your book somehow. If that means by force, then… well don’t do that. It’s pathetic! Don’t you want to feed your ego??

A sense of the world.

Even if you’re writing the most absurd fantasy, extracting loose mental models of the world and its precious mechanisms will be vital to your creations. An example: be logical, usually (oh god, I swear this isn’t a rule). Coherency plays into some of that juicy psychology we talked about earlier. Coherency essentially gives a predictable framework for the book-user’s mind to consume and ultimately be hijacked and aroused. The user’s mind will learn through pattern-recognition, and then use those absorbed patterns to see into the future of your story, predicting each move, allowing you, the writer and puppet-master, total control over your pet user. That’s what you wanted, right? You sick monster.

The user will keep trying to predict moves and that’s where you get to play God. You lure them into beliefs about what’s coming next, and either reward them or trick them, you sly fox. This taps into gambling addiction, the ultimate pattern of human behavior. I know. It sucks. Your entire book is just a series of advertisements for the next page, over and over again. Part of the psychology of gambling is that unpredictable rewards draw in our motivation more than predictable ones.

Psychology, seriously this time.

Study psychology and be paranoid of all this concerning conformity stuff while you consume it. Characters are psychological representations. The society your character lives in is a sociological representation. The dynamics between the character’s friends and family are social psychological representations. See, see, see?? Now go learn from the deluded books of brain wizards. But make sure to touch grass and see how real earth-walkers act and think.

The importance of non-writers’ feedback.

Let’s be real. Most of your readers will be, or perhaps even should be non-writers. The writers have tainted their perception of the art through excess consumption of both actual books and the sickening rules they spread.

Writer feedback is also useful, to be non-insane about it. Don’t worry writers, I love you, but… well… I don’t know what to say here. Anyways, writers have experience with writing, obviously. This makes them useful! It’s hard to discern whether new or old writers would be worse about following rules, but my guess is that old writers have gone through some transformations by now and they may be more generally trustable (not a rule, relax).

Self-Doubt is a sin.

Please love yourself. Don’t take the blackpill. Armies of the undead will offer it to you all over the place. “Be realistic,” they said. No. Vomit that shit up, you’ve been poisoned.

Realism is a prophetic religion that claims to have insights about an unknowable future. It’s a cult. Back away and remind yourself that the future exists in the darkness. The future is unseeable, but you should still try your best. Instead of clinging to the future of realism, decide your own fate and then create a bridge to that world you most desire. It’s a puzzle to be solved. Of course, be reasonable, but also question whether your painful beliefs are even rational at all. So many around me try to feed me self-doubt and I’ve learned to douse those wounds in 99% isopropyl alcohol and clench my jaw to the point of drawing blood as I get back up and face the world with deeper insecurities with each blow.

I know it hurts, but you need to fight.

I hope this was useful so that I can convince myself that life has more meaning.

Please read my books (free, online). I’m so desperate, thirsty, and needy.

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