This is the spot to find easy, lazy, healthy (sometimes), and delicious vegan recipes that I come up with. My strategy for food creation has been to tweak the ingredients of meals that I reproduce, almost autistically repetitiously on a daily basis. This reproduction and mutation, trial and error, has allowed my strange cuisine to evolve over time, much like a natural selection process. Now I present you some of the most freaky delicious foods I’ve come up with!

Spooky Pillow Cookies

pillow cookie finish

The brilliant spicy flavors of Mexican hot chocolate with decadent nuts and sweet potato will melt in your mouth like gooey chewy cookies. The base of this cookie is a sweet potato platform. This is cooked in such a way that gives it a crispy outside and fluffy pillowy inside. Peanut butter is stacked on top, along with spices such as cinnamon, cayenne pepper, cacao powder, and sea salt. Recipe here.

Cultured Appropriation Burger


A combination of appropriated cultured Asian foods such as kimchi and fermented bean curd come together with the impossible burger to manifest in an ultra savory, funky, and straight-up raunchy take on the classic American burger. Recipe here.

Spicy Aztec Chocolate Peanut Burger

finish burg

A blend of Aztec spicy hot chocolate and Reese’s peanut butter cups meet with buttery cinnamon cayenne sweet potatoes in this epic burger recipe. There is no added sugar here, because sugar is lame. The sweet potatoes function as a sweetener instead! Recipe here.