The March Of Silence

We gather in Grand Park, Los Angeles to march in silence to join with the animals who have no voice. A non-aggressive approach to marching and activism can be powerful. We are The March of Silence, 2018.


An Observation

The experience of going to the Los Angeles Pig Vigils. I put this video together with my track titled The Language Of The Crows. This made everything pretty intense feeling!


Normalized PTSD

We often compare ourselves to each other rather than an ideal reality. We should escape this loop that manifests into normalized suffering. 



An exploration into the connections between atheism, solipsism, and schizophrenia! Who would have thought these could be related? The idea of Jordan Peterson’s ‘truth’ concept comes into play. Solipsism is a very nonfunctional belief despite it making some sense. 


Vegan Psychology

An exploration of the transition to veganism both socially and psychologically/personally. This involves stigma, personal development, and benefits to ones own psyche. It also explores vigils and the benefits it may have. The film is activism and food!


Third-Person Mode Reality

What if we could toggle third-person mode in real life?