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Venmo: @Gaige-Clark-1

I am doing all of the work in my projects, including audio recording, mixing, the website, the music (even the instruments), and the photography used on this website. I am also a full-time university student and do not currently work. This gives me a lot of time for these projects at the moment.

Funding Experiments and Studies

The project now includes research proposals, which can be funded either through Patronage or donations. To read about my vision for the future of academia, check out Upload The Academy and if you want to see the list of projects awaiting funding, check out Research Proposals.

Special thanks to the six patrons: Melissa Bradley, Morgan Catha, Niklas Kokkola, Abhishaike Mahajan, Riley Fitzpatrick, and Charles Wright! Abhi is also the artist who created the cover image for Most Relevant. Please support him on instagram, he is an amazing artist! I’d also like to thank Annie Vu, Chris Byrd, and Kettner Griswold for your kindness and making these projects and the podcast possible through your donations.

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musiq (listen for free)

which can be found on almost all common platforms, because therefore you get music as well :).


You may even listen for free on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Simply sharing my work with others may be the greatest way you can help too!