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Episode 24

The Nature of Delusions and Insights

People sometimes claim that psychedelics give a false sense of insight. Or that they generate bad or false insights. I challenge this claim by showing that insights are generally false and that delusional ideas are normal. Our society operates through hierarchies of authority on knowledge and most people do not think of insights or original thoughts, but instead, they submit to what experts tell them to believe. Having original thoughts is the domain of experts and psychedelics simply disinhibit our thinking.


Episode 22

The Wacky World of Psychonautics With Matthew Smith

We discuss a whole range of topics: salvia, cannabis, cognitive atomization, psychedelics, illusions, the nature of perception, psychopharmacology, mechanisms, and much more!


Episode 21

The Evolution of Death

From the origin of life, to the origin of death, join me on a journey into the psychedelic nature of evolution as I ponder whether we have evolved to die.


Episode 20

A Psychedelic Experience

The more I gazed into the perceptual world of the present moment, the more lost I became. Everything enhanced and started to feel surreal and exotic. It was the feeling that my senses buzzed louder and louder, until vividity. Join me in my experience on psilocybin.


Episode 19

Manic Theory w/ Jeremy Hadfield

Had an amazing discussion with the wonderful Jeremy Hadfield. Bipolar disorder is discussed as an evolutionary adaptation that benefits the group, playing the role of the ‘shaman’ who can break from the cultural norms and help define new social rules. The lack of aversion may help these individuals oppose social norms and allow divergent thoughts that oppose the consensus. We attempt to elaborate on, define, and understand the manic condition. Jeremy has very interesting perspectives on human history, bipolar disorder, and philosophy.


Episode 18

Psychedelics, Madness, and Mechanisms

We cover the literature on psychedelics and mental health, psychedelics as a potential treatment for schizophrenia (only lightly covered, see the blog post for the entire argument), and a rambling of ideas pertaining to these topics.


Episode 17

Neural Atomization Feat. Qualia Computing’s Andres

A special guest appears for the first episode of the season! Andres Emillson from QRI and Qualia Computing has graced us with some epic discussion. We explore the Neural Annealing concept and how Cognitive Atomization fits in as well as discussion of human development, perception, evolution, psychedelics, ketamine, and more. The conversation was one of the most interesting I’ve had in a while. Hope you enjoy!



Episode 16

Mass Psychosis

I am conflicted on whether I think society is getting crazier or if a lot of suppressed thinkers have more collective influence because of the geographical limitations of society being lifted by the internet. I am going to post this anyway, its possible that both of these narratives are true at the same time as well.


Episode 15

Trauma Theory

I believe psychedelics could heal schizophrenia, but it highly depends on the context of the situation. I also believe most cases of schizophrenia are really a response to trauma and negative experience.


Episode 14

Identity Disorder

“You are the summation of the five people you interact most with” some say, but perhaps it is more the summation of the judgments they identify you as. These identities can reinforce behaviors and set expectations and predictions on our behaviors that become a prison of personal progress. Break free from the question of “Who am I?”


Episode 13

The Self & The Nexus

We begin with an exploration of identity and selfness. We move into group psychology and the nexus and all the trippy ideas in between. This is the substrate of society, this is echo chambers, this is memes, this is hiveminds, this is the nexus.


Episode 12

Normalized Trauma

We often compare ourselves to each other rather than an ideal reality. We should escape this loop that manifests into normalized suffering. Psychedelics may undo our coping mechanisms and reveal the true intensity of our lives.


Episode 11

Mental Illness Is A Social Construct

I describe and talk about the evidence for the idea that mental illness is really a byproduct of cultural rejection, and is a normal response to such. This is important as the mental disorders talked about here are preventable causes of suffering.


Episode 10

Vegan Psychology

I explore the development of stigmatization in the vegan culture, as well as how it shapes personal psychological development. Also, going to vigils has personal psychological benefits that are often not discussed.


Episode 9

Xenotypy and Marxist Evolution

I explain a theory of evolution based on culture and politics that would occur via norms, stigmas, and how the evolution of Neanderthals may have split based on traits of collectivism and individualism. I also give evidence for my theory that bipolar and ADHD have an accelerated learning trait that is essentially synonymous with the personality trait of ‘novelty-seeking’.

The full post is here.


Episode 8

The Sanity Illusion

Did you know schizophrenics experience reduced optical illusions? They see the more correct perception some studies show!

The discussion goes into illusions and theory for what they are and why they exist, near death experiences, psychedelic theory, dissociative anesthesia, William White’s DXM FAQ, ketamine’s rapid acting antidepressant effects, addiction/tolerance, and more that I am forgetting :D.

Full post here.


Episode 7

Raw Data ’til 4

Mic The Vegan shows up to the podcast! He is a popular YouTuber in the vegan world. He is also working on his masters in health science. We talk about his Starch Runner theory as well as a bunch of random topics, including ant self-recognition, island freeganism, and raw data til 4! Enjoy ^_^


Episode 6

Escaping Eden

After reading this page, I expect most of you will have a deeper understanding of what it means to be human, and what it means to be creative and/or intelligent. Most of this research pertains to a specific gene known as the DRD4 gene, which encodes for variations of the dopamine D4 receptor. Luckily, I have been obsessed with this gene as of late, due to my fetish of creativity psychology.

Full post is here, and has more updates and corrections.



Episode 5

Utopia: Sufferless

The birth of a sufferless species seems to solve the 100-year long vegan crises for humanity. The species’ existence is perpetually positive, which has implications to its’ treatment by humans. Artificial Intelligence intervenes.

And so, we begin at the birth of the first highly political AI, one born of deception tactics, for the greater good. Relax, and enjoy.


Episode 4

Above Awe

This episode explores abstraction in further depth, a DMT hypothesis, and updates to the animal cognition argument, including criticism of IQ as a concept.

The most relevant posts are DMT: Above Awe, Abstraction, and Mindstream 1.


Episode 3

Exploring Darkness

Why does society stigmatize creativity? It has to due with fear of the unknown. More specifically, the fear of the risks of exploring the darkness. Are you more cautious, or more curious?

Full post can be found here.


Episode 2

A Case For Superior Animal Intelligence

Some say that animals are less intelligent only according to anthropocentric definitions. I would like to clarify, that even by anthropocentric definitions, we still may not be the most intelligent. This post discusses this topic in depth, criticizing this assumption that I believe stems from dogma, similar to the assumption that Earth is the center of the universe. We may have the strongest sociological intelligence of all animals, but individually, we are not very intelligent, where chimps are superior, due to pharmacological/physiological reasons, physiological reasons that directly relate to the precise factor that allows for strong sociological development: domestication.

Full post can be found here.


Episode 1

Paranoia vs Grandiosity

In the podcast posted below, I describe in vivid depth, the nature of paranoia and grandiosity. Most viewers should be able to rationally empathize with people in states such as psychosis and mania.

Full post can be found here.

The image mentioned at around the 8:40 is the cover photo for the track!



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