This is the place for all the qwerky podcasts. They are displayed in descending order so you may see the newest ones first. For the SoundCloud page for these podcasts, click here!

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Episode 3: Exploring Darkness

Why does society stigmatize creativity? It has to due with fear of the unknown. More specifically, the fear of the risks of exploring the darkness. Are you more cautious, or more curious?

Full post can be found here.

Episode 2: A Case For Superior Animal Intelligence

Some say that animals are less intelligent only according to anthropocentric definitions. I would like to clarify, that even by anthropocentric definitions, we still may not be the most intelligent. This post discusses this topic in depth, criticizing this assumption that I believe stems from dogma, similar to the assumption that Earth is the center of the universe. We may have the strongest sociological intelligence of all animals, but individually, we are not very intelligent, where chimps are superior, due to pharmacological/physiological reasons, physiological reasons that directly relate to the precise factor that allows for strong sociological development: domestication.

Full post can be found here.

Episode 1: Paranoia vs Grandiosity

In the podcast posted below, I describe in vivid depth, the nature of paranoia and grandiosity. Most viewers should be able to rationally empathize with people in states such as psychosis and mania.

Full post can be found here.

The image mentioned at around the 8:40 is the cover photo for the track!

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