Allow me to introduce myself. I am the prophet of your future and your fate. Time is ticking and the blood is drying. This is the world after yours. My prophecy. Those of you who seek novelty will find yourselves lost in the lush rabbit holes of this return-to-nature adventure. After AI dominates all, it humanizes itself. Merging with the organic. Biological-AI rules in this world. Inside this Psy-Fi, you’ll find the lips of telepathic romance, metal mindfuck twists, and science-fairytale horrors. If you wish to escape unscathed, turn back now, before it’s too late.

If you dare, then go forth, open Pandora’s Box, and follow me to the edge of absurdity.

Welcome to the world of The Psychonet.

For the unfamiliar, there’s the Gnostic Compendium, a lore index containing secret truths about this world. This will help us navigate uncharted territory. Highlighted lore terms throughout each chapter will lead you to the lore index in case you get lost.

The next development has dropped! Origins covers the backstories of the beloved cast of this series.


1. Pandora’s Box

2. A Map of Fated Encounters

3. Aeon of Desires

4. Regret

5. Gnosis

6. Hope and Revelations

7. Dread’s Domain

8. Trial and Error

9. Potential Energy

10. Choice

11. Echo

12. Precious Prescience

13. Memoirs of the Dead

14. Truman’s Show

15. The Memories That Make Us

16. In Love and Death

17. Postmortem

18. Eternal Sunshine

19. Castle in the Sky

20. Project Gnosis

21. Connection at the End of Time

22. Restraint

23. To See the Light

24. Death Wish

25. Origin Code

26. Library of Chaos

27. Chaos and Order

28. The Anomalous Aeon

29. The Sky Falls