The Psychonet

The Psychonet is the most ambitious project I’ve undertaken to date. This project is a science fiction book that features many of the scientific and philosophical concepts explored in this blog. The book is rated M or R. It explores topics such as AI dystopia, the subjective experience of “omniscience”, psychedelia, addiction, romance, sexuality, gender, the future evolution of the human species, technological telepathy, suicide, the nature of truth, moral relativity, and much more. The chapters are listed below where the colorful images start! ^_^

Unique Features

Uniquely, this book contains art generated by AIs which created images that facilitated the story-writing as well. These generated images inspired new plot details. This strange coauthoring relationship has been an interesting journey. There are also hand-drawn images, which improve throughout the progress of the story. The initial images in the first chapters are somewhat rougher, which I will improve as time moves on.

Another odd feature is the split-ending of the book. It isn’t exactly a choose-your-own path adventure, but there is a single choice that determines which ending you will read. It will be interesting to compare the number of clicks each ending receives.

The Plot

The general plot involves the first-person narrative of Riyon, an individual who lives outside of a near-utopian world due to bearing the consequences of sacred heretical knowledge. Riyon meets up with various other characters who live in vastly different cultures, which puts his own ideas into question. These characters commit themselves to a grand journey aimed at stopping the hypothetical risk of the Basilisk. Along the way, you’ll discover the true state of the world, realizing things aren’t what they seemed. In the end, your sense of reality will be questioned.

What is real anyway?

It is my hope that I will eventually publish this book in hard-copy format. I’m also deeply interested in turning this into an anime series or a movie. More tangibly, I will likely upload a narrated version of the book to YouTube. I’m looking into ways to translate my imaginations into visual media.

Joining the Patreon will help advance this project. At times, writing this book has been a full-time effort.

Below you can find a list of the chapters that are currently available. Some of these chapters may still be edited in the future, particularly the first chapter. The only chapters that are currently unavailable are the two split-ending chapters, which will be finished in due time. Once the project is fully prepared, I will be posting these chapters as individual posts, likely once per week.


1. The Forbidden Fruit

2. The Gathering

3. Colony 25

4. Queendom

5. Jail

6. Ascendence

7. Underworld Meadow

8. The Children of Mother

9. Generation 394

10. Ghosts

11. The Playground of Gods

12. Evelyn’s Choice

13. Zazaism

14. New Beginnings

15. The Journey Across Time

16a. Knowledge

16b. Power