The Psychonet

Do you have the faith and knowledge necessary to overcome your destiny? Welcome to the future of the internet, The Psychonet. The Psychonet is a telepathic psychological network, a library of all accumulated knowledge accrued by sentient beings. With knowledge comes great power. But it’s not always that simple. What choice will you make? What ending will you choose?

Humanity has been torn apart by the dangers and powers granted by knowledge. Riyon finds himself escaping the reality that he was indoctrinated to. The epic journey that intertwines with his destiny unravels his perception of the world. Contradictions grow apparent as Riyon and his friends travel the dystopian landscape that surrounds Hedo. The true state of reality slowly bubbles up as clues are gathered through their tour across the futuristic wastelands. Nothing is ever as it seems.

The sequel has arrived.


  • Rating Intensity: M or R
  • Emotion: 67%
  • Psychological: 83%
  • Science Fiction: True
  • Art: AI-generated and drawn
  • Psychedelia: 70%
  • Romance: Yes
  • Ethics: questionable
  • Endings: 2
  • Safe to Read: N/A
  • True Story: Unknown
  • Contains: love, fear, curiosity, plot twists, fantasy landscapes

Inspired by Xenoblade Chronicles and life itself.

I’ve become poor pulling this off. If you like it, Joining the Patreon will help advance this project. At times, writing this book has been a full-time effort.


For the censored version, click here.

1. The Forbidden Fruit

2. The Gathering

3. Colony 25

4. Queendom

5. Jail

6. Ascendence

7. Underworld Meadow

8. The Children of Mother

9. Generation 394

10. Ghosts

11. The Playground of Gods

12. Evelyn’s Choice

13. Zazaism

14. New Beginnings

15. The Journey Across Time

16a. Knowledge

16b. Power