Psychology Coaching

Gaige Clark

B.A. in Psychology

I’m here to chat with you about your life and feelings. If you feel stuck, maybe I can help!

A lot of my time has been spent chatting with individuals about their mental health. Helping others figure out how to approach their lives and situations is something that motivates and challenges me.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology but it is important to remember that I am acting only as a mental health coach and not a psychiatrist or a licensed therapist.

That said, I believe I can help you understand your emotions, insecurities, social conflicts, and generally help you in personally growing and maintaining psychological wellbeing. This is not a guarantee, though I will do my best!

I tend to take a logical, detailed, relational approach to issues that people face. Often this starts with asking the person about the conflicts they face and probing these further until a clear picture forms. From there, I may be able to help elucidate aspects of your life that you’ve grown too familiar and numb to explore. It is very often hard for us to do this ourselves because we are so used to being ourselves.

The Rules:

  1. I am not licensed as a therapist and as such, I will not diagnose you or treat you. Though, I may be able to help you deal with the stressors you face, which can improve your life.
  2. I will not disclose your information to anyone. What you say is private and protected.
  3. There are boundaries I must maintain. These will be made clear if the situation necessitates them, though I trust most of you will intuitively not cross those lines. Examples would be things like harassment or abuse. These will not be tolerated and our association will be terminated if this occurs.

    Submit your application by clicking this link!

    Alternatively, you can privately contact me on facebook, discord, or email and inquire about sessions.

    Session Details:

    • Sessions are typically going to be 1 hour in length.
    • You can book weekly sessions, though in rare special cases I can schedule more frequently. This will depend on my availability.
    • Sessions can be planned on a regular schedule or each one can be planned individually.
    • Sessions are virtual, typically via Zoom, Facebook video call, or Discord video call.
    • Anonymity is allowed.

    Payment Details:

    • Each session is $80 USD, though price is negotiable.
    • Payment through Venmo, Paypal, and Google Pay are accepted. Other mediums may be accepted as well.
    • Patrons get discounted sessions. The amount discounted per session is 2x the amount donated, with a max of 30$ discount. For example, $5 patrons get a 10$ discount, $10 get a $20 discount, and $15 get a $30 discount, with a maximum discount of $30.