Schizotypy is the manifestation of a self-created, normative, personal universe. Everyone else has subscribed to some other collective universe because of the ease and comfort involved with an already formed culture. The opium of the masses is not only religion but also culture. Culture sedates your thinking and outsources the ability to think to the group. It’s comfortable because of the high levels of validation from your peers, where everyone is agreeing on the same worldview. It’s comfortable because it is easier than thinking for yourself. The answers are given to you without the need to solve any puzzles. The answers are thoughtless in essence.

Any attempt to unravel these truths is an attempt to unravel these comforts, much like taking opium from the addict. Each individual will shout out their cultural norms and dogmas to you for threatening their security and they will reject the individual who appears different because it threatens the comfort of the masses. The masses will individually realize they have no thought but regardless of this they will submit to the consensus because of the incentive that their euphoric unity provides. Removal of any normalized euphoria involves suffering, this is something known in research on drug addiction, where the removal of pleasure can induce suffering.

Simply the notion of difference itself is a threat to the cultural nationalism that is based on collective and socialized endorphin and dynorphin activity. Rejecting these individuals is necessarily euphoric for the collective minds because they threaten to dissolve the collective unity of delusion that has become the massive culture.

The massive culture’s addiction to collective validation and hyper-acceptedness causes the outcast individuals to be rejected into invalidation and non-euphoria. Total cultural withdrawal and progressive isolation will occur in the reject due to these motivations of the massive culture and also for the sake of the reject’s sanity.

On one hand, the rejects now have a free perception, free thought, a philosophers mind, freedom from the inflicted suffering caused by deviation from the culture’s norms and laws because they are no longer interacting with the cultural thought police. But on the other hand, they are also so outcast that their development is eternally damned. This degradation of development occurs both personally, without any strong external guidance, and socially, without any culture to easily assimilate and find cozy acceptance in. Their trust in anyone is halted, because of Pavlovian conditioning, because of the fact that they were so consistently rejected to the point that expecting distrustable behaviors from others is the most rational tendency. And so paranoia ensues.

Their own intelligent free thought has the reject assuming others will devise equally intelligent free thoughts or else they suffer grandiosity as they begin to realize everyone is not experiencing free thought, and that everyone else who bandwagoned a culture is being limited by the threat of dysphoria for deviating from their norms and are merely sheepishly imprisoned by the massive culture like the common cliche.

The massive cultures do not promote exploration because exploration leads to deviation and deviation eventually means contradicting culture.

Rejection societies eventually form counter cultures, such as veganism, a movement which at first will be judged as a psychotic collective of mad individuals until the movement becomes popular enough that it unravels the comfort zones of the masses and induces the typical behaviors of cognitive dissonance we commonly see when people are confronted with vegan ideas, with the eventual possibility of cultural civil war. Eventually vegans will judge the carnists (meat-eaters) and the tables will turn and then the carnists will become the schizophrenics of society. Progress is driven by the “mentally ill”. And society’s resistance to progress and society’s fear of the unknown causes the typical manifestations of psychotic behavior in the rejects. Symptoms such as grandiosity (the idea that you aren’t wrong), paranoia (expecting distrust because of your rejection), isolation behaviors, madness from the suffering, alternative perspectives that significantly deviate from normative perception emerge.

Most common patterns of truth reveal only that our normative perceptions are as hallucinatory as the psychotics, but based on a different cultural construct and baseless assumptions. Most culture is based on common logical fallacies, making matters worse. Appeal to authority, appeal to popularity, and biases towards the reality that causes least perceptible suffering are ubiquitous. Closing our eyes to suffering has become the truth. This is seen with the homeless as we gaze away from them, this is seen with the animals we eat, this is seen with the way we rationalize the ‘mentally ill’. The easiest to transmit ideas will remain strong, as we see with mainstream religions and eventually as we will see with scientism soon enough.

Psychedelics may lead to psychosis (actually maybe not) because they simply unravel your culture. They cure your Pavlovian prisons set forth by the endogenous-opioid-driven mass cultures. This is precisely why they cure addiction and PTSD, both opioid driven conditions.

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      1. There are sources for everything in this post in the other posts in my site. The whole site is almost like a complete perspective of the mind. Look at xenotypy mainly, and also the Sanity Illusion. I’ll cite those at the bottom of this post.


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