Psychedelic Use in People with a History of Psychosis

No, I’m not gone, but simply vacant in my online endeavors. I’ve been writing way much, a lot, nearly a whopping 90,000 words of much. Of which will soon be released here via a slow drip. To the main and most exciting point now!

We’ve previously explored psychosis and psychedelia extensively on this blog, so it with great interest that such a study is now available to partake in! The information below will fill you in on the introductory details. To partake, go to the link at the bottom.

How do classic psychedelics affect people with a history of psychosis? Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham are currently conducting interviews with people who have experienced both non-affective psychosis AND have used psychedelics after their first psychotic episode.

Who is eligible to participate?

Volunteers who are over 18.

Volunteers with a history of non-affective psychosis (could be a single episode of psychosis, or part of an illness such as schizophrenia).

Volunteers who have used a classic psychedelic (such as “magic mushrooms,” LSD, or ayahuasca) after their first episode of psychosis.

Volunteers who are not in an acute state of psychosis.

What will you do?

Complete a screening survey that takes approximately 20 minutes.

Participate in two confidential interviews with a researcher from the University of Alabama at Birmingham over a secure version of Zoom.


Each participant will receive up to $40.00 in payment.

Read more about the study and see if you qualify by taking a screening survey.

If you have any questions, please contact

Haley Dourron (

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