FOMO creates trends. FOMO stands for “fear of missing out”. It is about feeling left out when it seems everyone around you is included. It is like a feeling of loneliness and sometimes envy. I’m sure many of you out there feel this way as the holidays approach, particularly those of you who do not create plans for the holidays. I realized that behavioral trends and memes may spread through a mechanism of FOMOtion, which will be described below.

Instagram (and social media generally) is a FOMO machine. I noticed that going on Instagram during the holidays left me perpetually in a state of FOMO. Everyone else appears to be living out nice festivities with their loved ones, meanwhile, I sit in isolation going about an ordinary day. This theme has permeated my life up to this point, particularly due to the collapse of my family system. Unfortunately, this might be relatable to many.

Trends are contagious FOMO machines. This is the more abstract point that emerges from the point about Instagram. Instagram is merely a platform for trends to spread. A trend starts when an individual or group of individuals does something and others wish to also take part in the behavior. The FOMO of observing a trend can be calmed by engagement with the trend. The more people that engage, the more that FOMO spreads and we are left with the viral spreading of a behavioral trend through the mechanisms of FOMO.

A FOMOtion is a behavioral trend spread through the induction of FOMO. FOMO represents the desirability of some trend. This desirability is adopted by other people around us. Our own desiring of such inclusion signals the value of inclusion, which spreads contagiously.

Envy. This is the emotional core of this phenomenon.

FOMO can be used to generate a desire for healthy behaviors. I realized this when someone mentioned following Instagram accounts related to hiking and outdoor photography. This may breed FOMO for healthy habits like getting outside and seeing nature. You may do well to use the FOMO machines inside of Instagram or other social media in such a way that brings you closer to your true ideals.

The FOMOtions aren’t all bad 😉

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