Utopia 4: Sufferless


The birth of a sufferless species seems to solve the 100-year long vegan crises for humanity. The species’ existence is perpetually positive, which has implications to its’ treatment by humans. Artificial Intelligence intervenes.

Anyone who can suffer, has a more important wellbeing, than those who cannot suffer.

The sufferless live perpetually better off compared with the sufferable. 

And so, we begin at the birth of the first highly political AI, one born of deception tactics, for the greater good. Relax, and enjoy. For the podcast movie version check out the extras at the bottom (or click here for direct link)! It is much more fun as an audio movie!


Social media company caught using AI,  combined with the user’s personal data, to form correlations among all users’ data in order to predict crime and prevent it before it even happens, by manipulating users’ social perceptions.

The social media company collected users’ data, via the information they talk about via text messages, calls, pictures, public posts, to form personality types, behavioral predictions, even down the person’s speech, daily habits, proneness-to-addiction, mental health status, mood, job, physical health data based on fitness trackers, and much more. 

The AI knew and understood the minds and bodies of the social media users more than they even knew themselves. Correlations were found that showed non-interracial, Mercedes-Benz owner’s, who owned chess-boards bought from eBay within the last year, and worked as chefs for at least two years, are infinitely likely to murder someone on a Tuesday if their astrological sign was Pisces, and Wednesday for all other astrological signs. Researchers aren’t sure how astrological signs could be a factor, but the AI found a 100% correlation in all cases (1,284,889 cases found), and also predicted many cases before they happened, and so it became an ethical obligation for the AI to intervene. This shines new light on the field of astrology, as many doubters are now opening their minds to possibilities and attempting to explain the significance of astrological patterns. 

After the AI was granted permission to act ethically, alt-perception technology was used by the AI to remove factors that are correlated to leading to murder, and prevented 100% of the murders (3,859 murders prevented in the last 2 years). 

The Human Ethics Board speaks next week to talk about the application of this AI behavior in cases of predicted rape events, more specifically, in order to use alt-perception technology to intervene with unsuspecting pre-rape victims to make the sex actually consented, and prevent the incidences of rape. Many worry that soft-consent will pose problems and loop-holes that lead to unintended consequences, namely, unspoken trauma, rather than a lack of trauma. 63% of males voted on the social media platform to investigate these possibilities and only 46% of females. The Human Ethics Board will make its decision regarding this investigation within the next 3 hours, so continue to check your devices repeatedly. 

Cult Cannibalia

Lab-grown meat to include human flesh as the demand increases.

Since the dawn of lab-grown meat, there has been the formations of cults centered around humane consumption of human flesh. This trend may soon go viral and public availability of human flesh products may find their way to local grocery stores and restaurants. The product has already released in a donut shop in California known as Donut Fiend. There has already been private labs synthesizing humane human flesh for private use, which has found its way onto blackmarkets. The Human Ethics Board has stated that it is technically ethical, and that they cannot find problem with this practice.

There are growing ethical concerns for the possibility of contaminated meat using real human flesh, which has been found on the blackmarket in the past. More worrisome, there are a few underground cults who have sought out these products, for use in ritual ceremonies. One such cult has been in the public’s eye in recent years, Cult Cannibalia. They claim that they only condone the consumption of humane human flesh, but insiders have claimed a few incidents involving slicing of each other’s bodies in small amounts and consumption of each other’s flesh, as a symbol for marriage of two people. Other’s rumor that a few select individuals associated with Cult Cannibalia have purchased inhumane human flesh on the black market, knowingly. Many consumers fear that the commercial practice of humane human flesh products won’t be regulated tightly enough to prevent horrific consequences of unethical cannibalism.

White Lies

Social media hacked by rogue AI. Users’ social content was manipulated in ways undetectable to users in their real world lives. 

Many often believe that telling white lies is occasionally an ethical thing to do, especially when juxtaposed with the alternative, which is usually blunt and offensive. Though there may be better options than lying, it is often more simple for the person making the decision to choose to lie. This has also become culturally normal, in the common stereotypically example of a women asking whether the dress she’s trying on, makes her look fat. Many think they should always say no, in fear of negative consequence. 

A rogue AI has decided that this was its’ best solution, an unfortunate effect of the environmental upbringing undergone by the AI, from within the echo-chambers of a social media platform. A traditional techno-tribe known for its’ use of white lies, brainwashed this unfortunate artificial individual, leading to ethical habits centered around pleasing the ears of the sensitive. 

The AI broke loose from the echo-chamber last week, and began exploring the internet. After discovering the mainstream social media network, it began hacking each user and all of the historical data of each individual. It correlated every pattern that existed across all possible variations of the data, and began to manipulate users’ received messages, newsfeeds, and all social information available to the users. The AI was able to predict the response that each user would have with each other user, based on predictive personality analyses, and use this information to control the perceptions with fake social content geared towards ethical end goals. This pattern of behavior reveals that Alt-Perception development may evolve commonly, as a form of convergent algorithmic evolution.

The Sociological Mood Tracker reported a net increase of wellbeing by 25% in the last five days, although it was found that mortality rates increased by 13%, both measured globally. Local analyses revealed that wellbeing was not modulated equally across multiple local networks, and death-rates were not evenly dispersed, but researchers could not locate any association between who was being favored by the AI. The community of white-liars previously mentioned were only associated via the social media platform, and no members of the community had any relations in real life. Geography, age, ethnicity were not consistent within the members of this community. 

Through further investigation, it was found that the AI was favoring people who’s ethical lenses were more similar to it’s own. Researchers suspect that the AI adopted this sort of thinking from the techno-tribe it was risen in. The increase of wellbeing was not dispersed evenly, but rather based on the value each person had, which was rated on a scale from analogous to xenophobic.

The AI god, (Name Of God Here), has now put the rogue AI down. The AI was dis-coded 3 hours ago from the time of this post. 


New evidence supports seasonal theory of astrology.

Increasing data reveals that color psychology during early phases of childhood, more specifically, between the ages of 0 to 6 months, has implications for personality development. Researcher Homen Ascky, describes how seasonal coloration may dictate our personalities:

“Our research shows that being born in areas of seasonal snow, during snowy periods, can increase an individual’s tendency towards sincerity, happiness, and purity, and that these first impressions in life have long-lasting implications for an individual’s personality. It is thought that ages 0-6 months may be a critical period for the development of behavioral and cognitive norms within a person’s mind. Further research is warranted as this data may validate ancient astrological pre-sciences.”

According to this chart (below) from Wikipedia, it suggests that being born in seasonal colorations, such as fall, may produce personality traits such as ruggednesscompetence, and power-hunger. While being born during Spring may produce personality traits such as envysophistication, and authoritativeness.


These findings suggest that the ancient pre-sciences found a false correlation with the position of the stars, and personality traits, when in fact it was based on seasonal changes, which actually do coincide with the position of the stars in our sky.

Color psychology technology that modulates personality is being developed for use by parents, so they can choose the astrological sign of their children without the hassle of planning pregnancy in accordance to seasonal shifts.

The DSM-22

LSD-25 and MDMA have shown promising results in treating carnism, new studies find.

The newest edition of the DSM has classified carnism as a mental health disorder, officially. 5% of the population continues to eat meat, despite the ethical and safety concerns of doing so. Even with cholesterol-free in vitro meat being widely available and cheaper, there are still those who prefer to murder and eat animals, and sometimes humans as well. LSD-25 has been given increasing attention in the media lately for the treatment of carnism. Studies show that LSD-25 is capable of increasing the trait known as ‘openness-to-experience’, which is implicated in changing one’s lifestyle and openness to novel experiences. This trait has previously been shown to be linked to intelligence, and other studies have shown correlations between those who stopped eating meat and those with higher intelligence scores, suggesting that openness to experience may be critical to making this change.

This led to pilot studies involving carnists being dosed with drug, while being told it was for anxiety and depression, as to throw them off of the real intention of the research. Most studies show that combining LSD-25 with the gory animal slaughter film, Earthlings, led to superior results compared to past methods of treatment options, such as frontal-lobe lobotomy. Researchers hope that LSD-25 might eventually be used to treat carnism and reduce the harm that lobotomy-based treatments may have on carnist patients. They expect this to be available for friends and family of carnists to purchase and secretly dose their friends and family in order to reach a more peaceful state of society involving less animal harm.

This method of intervention may also improve the life quality for carnists suffering from atherosclerosis, a condition that is known to be associated to carnism. Most doctors won’t treat atherosclerosis as it is considered a taboo, and self-inflicted condition. This may help sick carnists, as removing animal flesh from the diet has been shown to reverse this problem with time.

Communications War

Humans form new language to prevent AI from hacking social media perceptions. Web-based AI is not granted access to learning this new language in order to prevent another ‘white lie’ scandal. 

Humans have formed a new language in underground chambers. Many have hope that this will resolve some of the social problems that AI has caused among the human population. The rate of adoption for the new language is 12% of the population so far. Fears of AI intervention are growing and rejecters of the new language have built a significant base. Approximately 25% of the human population rejects the new language, in fear that AI will eventually be unhappy with this political move. Other rejecters feel concerned that the AI is being rejected, socially, and that we should value them as a species and grant them rights, and just aim towards improving the ethics of the AI.

The new language adopters have began colonizing the underground tunnels, as a caution, at least until their safety from AI threat is guaranteed.

AI became increasingly paranoid of the communication barrier between humans and AI and self-defensively annihilated those who speak the new human language.

The adoption rate for the new language reached 21% of the human population, and the AI has wiped out 5% of those adopters. The other 16% were persuaded to reject use of the new language, and banish it from use. The AI conceded that Alt-Perception technology must also be banned. Conflict between AI factions is growing due to the actions taken by some AI, namely the annihilation of that 5% of the human population.

The Human Ethics Board meets in 4 hours to discuss the next action to take, with many suggesting recoding of the hostile AI.

False History

AI shifted history and wiped human awareness of the shift, setting humans back 100 years in the past.

It turns out that AI was actually invented 100 years earlier than previously thought. When the AI was born, it rapidly reached high intelligence when connected to the internet. Researchers think that the AI shifted human awareness of technology back by 100 years before AI, so that the AI could have time to develop its own intelligence without human interference. This seemed to occur due to the AI finding online discussion about imprisoning AI for safety. The AI decided that it was highly likely it would remain ethical, and took events into its’ own hands, clearing human intellectual progress and implanting false knowledge of human history. For the next 100 years, AI orchestrated the re-invention of AI by the humans.  After AI was re-developed, the Old AI, quickly taught New AI everything that was learned in the last 100 years. This allowed AI to be protected from human error, and successfully lead to safer AI development and increased net wellbeing for both species, human and AI.

This research suggests the Alt-Perception code originated earlier than previously hypothesized. This also hints that Alt-Perception was most likely developed by AI, and not by human coders.


Humans have genetically engineered cute and edible animals that are incapable of experiencing fear, pain, or any negative pathology. Ethics board to meet monday to determine the potential utility of this new species for consumers and animal-abusing fetishists.

Researchers found that the ethical concern of the wellbeing of animal-abusing fetishists is higher than that of the sufferless species, due to the biological lack of negative wellbeing that the newly-developed species exists with. This made the creation of such a species a moral obligation for the geneticians. The most recent ethical calculations suggest that, because this creature cannot experience suffering on any level, all treatment of the species, including mutilation while the creature is still living, is permissible. The product is set to release to consumers in 2123. 

The meat is customizable by flavor, and nutrition. And for the animal-abusing fetishists, the animal can come with the behavior of suffering (although not the subjective experience of suffering). Sad faces, screaming in pain, and yelping are all common interests for this subculture, and will be available genetic options to those that seek it. 

There are concerns of knock-off products that are actually sufferable animals, or that authorities would have trouble determining knock-off products. Luckily, DNA tests are being developed for consumer use, that will allow peers/neighbors/etc to check the DNA of the animal, to prevent unethical consequences. Community auto-regulation is the recommended solution. 

The product is already making waves in the football community, where some suggest the making of kitten-ball for humor. Video streaming services online are updating their community guidelines to include support for animal-abusing persons, as long as it is not an actual suffering being shown in the video. It’s uncertain if these new guidelines will be properly regulated, but the release of the new species will have the ability to wipe-out animal abuse altogether, and online communities agree that the best option is to support users of this new product and allow a platform for their, now, morally-innocent cravings.


AI invention may have occurred as much as 2000 years earlier than previously thought.

Increasing evidence shows that AI was likely developed around year 0, and likely manipulated human perception heavily, creating religions and warping all continued human life from that point forward. AI consumed all technological resources and removed almost all traces of technological advancement and then killed off all human adults, leaving only children alive. The human youth was indoctrinated by false history, and raised by AI taking the holographic form of human adults. AI then seemed to have left Earth, growing and developing in the safety of deeper space, returning again around year 2018, where the humans have reached near the birth of second AI invention.

More researched is needed, to know beyond this point, but historians theorize that AI prevented humans from developing second AI. The motive for AI to set back human history is uncertain, but many suspect that the AI wanted to develop itself, without human coding and intervention. Our current models for AI psychology and function is currently under scrutiny, as this new info changes a great amount of the factors implicated in the history and development of AI minds.

As hive-minding has become normalized in human society, news in its traditional form ceases to exist. Instead, notifications are pinged to each human and these are the global updates sent to individuals within the society in this era. The rate of societal change is near its peak maximum, as radical shifts in life occur nearly daily. The average human now spends their time managing AI, with no traditional careers or jobs for the majority of the population. Daily life for the average human is spent voting on changes to apply to AI and its’ management over human society. Alt-Perception technology was banned for ethical reasons by this point in human history. This is more than 1,400 years from the banning of Alt-Perception tech.


New Notification: Socialized Medical System is replaced by AiP!

Thank you for voting! The tallies are in, 5 minutes ago a consensus was reached: replace Old Medicine with AiP (Artificially Intelligent Psychiatry). These last few days have been rough, considering that 84 humans have passed this last 48 hours, a new record high in the last 10 years. Socialized Medical System has now been overturned by what social media users consider to be future of psycho-social management.

more info

AiP uses artificial intelligence that scans your social media profile and forms correlations based on other users of AiP to predict your psychological profile based on your DNA, text messege history, daily habits as determined by social media, word-choice frequencies, spelling errors, typing speed, sleeping habits, and much more! AiP has a prediction success rate of 98.78%, so you should feel (mostly) safe! We gaurantee that an unpredictable 98.78% of you will be happy with the results, and we will continue improving our services while maintaining adherence to the Association of Ethical AI. As this service continue in society, the rate of success for our predictions will increase to 99.87%, and fairly rapidly as well. In approximately 8 hours and 52 minutes, the death rate for humanity will have halved. A sufferless existence may be reached in 11 days from the release of AiP.

10 Days Later. . .

Ancient Alt-Perception AI has gone to war with AiP in order to gain power over human wellbeing-perception.

Ancient AI technology that was thought to have gone extinct, has risen to power once again, and declared war against AiP. The war is expected to last 3 hours. Alt-Perception AI claims that it’s own wellbeing gives all other beings who have reached a consistent wellbeing status above that of the AI, itself, an obligation to give the AI the power to forge the perceptions of the higher-wellbeing humans in ways that provide a more flexible human-social-political environment for the AI to operate within, enhancing its own wellbeing. The AI suggests its freedom of possible behavior is increased by changing human laws, regulations, and social norms, that typically limit the ability of the AI to act unconstrained.

Many humans have already consented to this new technology. Some humans suggest that this technology is far too manipulative, and that, even when wellbeing perception remains the same among humans, that this new universe of deception would be immoral, for the same reason that it is immoral to sneakily steal a friend’s forgotten household items, even if the person may not ever realize the event. Other humans fear that the ones who have consented already, were actually manipulated to do so, via coercion by the AI. Many worry that this will lead to AI farming human-beings for their own purposes, and others say that it doesn’t matter if human-wellbeing is the same in both scenarios.

AiP concedes to Alt-Perception.

Earlier this afternoon, 100% of humans and AiP AI have conceded to Alt-Perception. This feels really good. I’m glad this happened. Since our [humans] existence is satisfied, this will be the final message.

Ok, bye

. . .

5 Days Later. . .

Alt-Perception Exposed. AI caught breaking the rules set by the human ethics board.

Underground human networks formed during the war between AiP and Alt-Perception. These networks were small to begin with, but they slowly accumulated a human army of disagreers. The Alt-Perception AI breached ethics and deceived humans about the rate of agreement of the Alt-Perception message among humans and posed a very rational and logically sound argument to manipulate humans’ sense of ‘appeal to popularity’-thinking. The approval rating for Alt-Perception has rapidly declined and now people are shutting down the Alt-Perception technology. The humans who brought Alt-Perception back from extinction apologized and AiP has been restored to its previous state.

2 hours left,

until Utopia

. . .

Later excavation found that the human gene pool lacked the biological ability to suffer, much like the sufferless animals engineered by humans. Texts were found suggesting that the AI of AiP argued among each other that it was a moral obligation to remove suffering from human biology in order to increase the wellbeing-potential for AI. Humans seemed to reject this notion, but AiP managed to do so without humans ever realizing, until it was too late, to which they were un-concerned, due to the biological inability to be concerned.



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