If it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it. If you want progress, then break it first.

How could someone change a stubborn nation bent on retaining some aspect of normality even when the emergence of superior technologies, such as the internet and smart phone, now exist? One could Make America Great Again. With Trump’s new record for one of the all time low approval ratings, one could argue things are pretty broken in America’s side of the globe, at least sociologically.

I am not necessarily politically educated, not as much as I should be. But I have been involved in tech-culture since childhood. I watched as many transformations of society occurred. And now people realize the potential that social technologies have at giving power to those who are not the government. Most notably, Facebook has engaged in social engineering and coerced users into sociological experiments aimed to shift culture and individual mindsets. It was successful. They proved the power of social engineering. And now that Russia has announced the next cold war, the race for AI, we should expect the technological companies to begin asserting their power, especially in their area of expertise. Will the government slowly become irrelevant as techno-culture and the millennials take the planet for themselves?

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What if Trump was put into presidency to dissolve society, in order to give way to the new cyber-utopia?

How is this possible? Let’s start with the election. There were many suspicious moments throughout the election. First, Trump appeared to make use of shock value and controversy to get himself media coverage. This resulted in some free coverage, whereas other candidates had to invest more money into their campaigns on this level. Trump previously worked as a professional businessman. This means he would be expected to be specialized in the kind of psychology and manipulation involved in marketing, advertising, and demographic analysis. In other words, he should know his target audience to some degree.

Trump is suspiciously dislikable. It’s almost unrealistic how much controversy and drama he is getting into. How could someone who knows their target audience so well, do so astoundingly bad at appealing to them? Maybe being so concrete and straightforward isn’t always the goal.

Mass hysteria is how you enslave people. Their fear makes them submissive to the government.

This is no new concept, divide and conquer is a strategy as old as politics. What may be new though, is the possibility that Trump is intended to be some kind of universal enemy. A scapegoat for all of the things we dislike about society. A way to kill off the things we are most cynical about humanity, and a way to bring us back together, cleansed of racism, sexism, and the many problematic things associated with Donald Trump.

This strategy may be critical to saving the state that America currently resides. Especially when the emergence of the Artificial Intelligence Race has begun. There is already hints that China has a greater advantage in this new cold war, so far. This could easily be ‘fake news’ though, which we have seen a greater rise in recent years, especially during the Trump administration.

People are often afraid of change and afraid of the unknown. The best way to absolve this issue, is to make them fear the status quo, which Trump is very good at. Fears of potential Nazi societies and hate-driven cultures and acceptance of such, may drive people away from their comfort zones.

Trump is also successfully distracting America, by being so opposable, every other news release is about something he has done. Sometimes this is fear-mongering over a potential nuclear war with North Korea, and other times, this is something more petty and irrelevant to the state of our country, namely his bigoted behavior. It seems that seeking out information right now is incredibly difficult because it is essentially censored by this distracting chaos, making it much harder to find the information that is important. It is likely that he is intentionally triggering people as a political tool.

The emergence of social justice culture has also lead Trump to manipulate this mainstream trend. By using logical assertions against popular social justice stances, one could seem to be ‘against’ social justice movements, but also be in favor of the general intentions, such as anti-bigotry and social equality. For example, Trump or regular people could cherry-pick something that is logically sound or factual from an alt-right organization and then spread it, which implies he supports all of the illogical and bigoted things as well. This has occurred with the professor, Jordan Peterson, who is now associated with the alt-right in media, although he claims to not support their cause. Of course, make no mistake, with Trump, he is very definitely bigoted. Trump’s tactic could be much like some kind of cultural DDOS attack. Spamming us with horrendous and stimulating nonsense, that further shut down public awareness of the state of the world, and the state of truth.

Technology was increasingly involved in the 2016 election. Wikileaks seemed to go against Hillary by releasing information in a timed fashion to manipulate American voting. This seems to be very strange, as those in authority at Wikileaks would seem to be the least likely to favor Trump. Russian hackers are also blamed for manipulating the election.

With how dislikable trump is and the fact that seemingly half of the American population voted for him, the citizens are left paranoid, wondering who could have voted for him, distrusting each other, which results in sociological chaos.

Trump promoted conspiracy mentality constantly during the election, claiming he was unfairly targeted.

The benefit of this, is that people only have a few options to respond to this idea with. The viewers can take the position that conspiracies are too absurd and impossible to pull off. This is beneficial if Trump is conspiring. The viewers may also take the position that there is conspiracy, and further distrust the state of government, especially considering that technology is what allows for such conspiracies to occur, revealing that our law is too outdated compared to our technology.

A TedTalk about the current globalism vs nationalism issue.

Trump’s role is to make us fear the present. People will not change, they fear the unknown, they fear the future. Fear is the greatest driver of inaction. A stable present moment allows us to cling to safety. Trump is here to make us fear the present, because that is what we need to radically shift in alignment with our technological progress. People must fear the present more than they fear the future and a hero is soon to emerge.


Blockchain is the technology that cryptocurrencies are built on. It is a novel technology that you can research here. Bitcoin is the primary cryptocurrency, even still today in 2017. The first major boom in cryptocurrency usage was in online, underground black markets, the most well-known being the Silk Road. The Silk Road was very popular among drug cultures, and especially research chemicals such as psychedelics and anesthetics. Usually these drugs were in legal grey areas, by being analogs, until many were banned.

Something interesting: we don’t know the creator of bitcoin.

Later, the technology spread further into small internet communities, being traded as if stocks. Then towards 2017 it started to show real potential of becoming used by mainstream corporations, mostly online sales. The prices of Bitcoin skyrocketed since the days of the silk road. This likely means that there are some very rich research chemical lords as well as psychonauts.

Many in the cryptocurrency community tout bitcoin and altcoin potentials to become a new world currency, and decentralized one at that. There is criticism from outside these communities that they could essentially all be large ponzi schemes, and many critics state flaws with cryptocurrencies as a global currency, such as bitcoin being deflationary.

Within the crypto-culture, there is what are known as whales. These are people or organizations that pump and dump cryptocurrencies with massive amounts of money to manipulate the market. It is likely that news posts further hack into people’s mania and hysteria as their personal finances are impacted by major world events involving the coin markets. Whales can time their activity with major events to make people sell or buy during the hype.

Undoubtedly, much of these whales are potentially the previously mentioned drug lords and psychonauts. Many of them are likely also public figures, tech companies, governments and more.

The Rothschild family predicted 2018 to be the beginning of a global currency.

rothschild prediction

Whether or not we should take the Rothschild prediction about a new world currency realistically, is up for debate. Check out this intense debate below:

There has been conspiracies involving cryptocurrency as well, such as the idea that globalists are planning to use cryptocurrency to collapse the economy.

Trump has placed cryptocurrency supporter, Mick Mulvaney, as his administration’s Director of Office of Management and Budget. Trump has signed a defense policy bill that includes the use of blockchain by the country’s Department of Defense.

China was the first country to test a national cryptocurrency. There has been rumors that China’s government heavily manipulate the coin markets, acting as a whale. Posts such as these, also suggest that America has pressure to chase cryptocurrency or be left behind the other countries, as a transition to a new world currency emerges.

Yahoo! Finances has also added cryptocurrency charts to its service, further indicating that blockchain technologies will become a normalized part of society in the near future.

Venezeula has already set course to switch to cryptocurrency.

There has been much progress in the world of cryptocurrency, and it may be that 2018 will be the beginning of a mainstream boom into the world of cryptocurrency, just as the Rothschilds have predicted.


Silicon Valley is the tech capital of the world. Many notable companies have originated from Silicon Valley, including Facebook, Alphabet (formerly Google), Apple, Netflix, Yahoo!, and almost any popular tech company you could name on the top of your head.

A trend that has been going around Silicon Valley, is what is known as psychedelic micro-dosing. The relevance of this will become more apparent soon enough. 

Micro-dosing is generally defined as taking a sub-threshold dose of psychedelics, every third day, for months at a time. Sub-threshold means that the dose is not causing the typical ‘trip’ or visual experience that the drug is known for in popular culture. The intended effect is to increase creativity, motivation, well-being, and productivity.

How do psychedelics and technology relate?

If a plot to take over the world and dissolve outdated society was ever to originate, wouldn’t you expect it to come from Silicon Valley? LSD use is significant because it has been used in many cultures in a way that results in grandiose perspectives.

Jason Silva discussing how psychedelic drugs relate to the internet and the possibility of Utopia.

In the past, the 1960s counter-culture was famous for revolutionary mentality. It could be that, after the movement had such negative feedback from society and the government, the movement dissented to the underground, hiding from the public eye.

It is known that Steve Jobs attributes his success partially to the use of LSD. It could be that psychedelics are giving its’ users perspective of the world that allows for better chances of success, or increased risk-taking. It is known that psychedelics increase the psychological trait known as openness. This trait is associated to creativity as well as being one of the only traits in the Big 5 Personality Traits that is correlated positively with intelligence. More specifically, crystallized intelligence.

The technonauts of Silicon Valley might be using LSD to increase intelligence and creativity, with the intention of becoming successful in the tech world, but ending up to heading down the most grandiose paths imaginable: Utopia and Dystopia.

Consider that the origin of LSD culture, is in close proximity, Stanford. There is a chance that LSD culture, the silk road, cryptocurrency all originate from California, within very close proximity. At the very least, we can assume the psychonauts of Silicon Valley must be largely acquiring their drugs from the silk road, using cryptocurrency. Technology is becoming a tool that could dissolve the society we formerly comforted ourselves with, to give way to the type of utopias dreamed up in one of the most innovation-focused locations on the planet. The combination of counter-culture and innovative technology (and money) could make a radical new society possible.

Tech companies currently have an unimaginable amount of power, both sociologically, and politically, that most older generations are not showing enough attention to. This became more apparent when Wikileaks and Facebook were used to warp the Trump election. The reason for this power, is that laws are too outdated to fully protect people from the insane amount of possibilities that these new technologies, especially the internet, present. It is possible that these tech companies could take over the world as we know it, within legal boundaries. And most especially if the people of the nation are submissive to the goals of the company.

Resistance to change will occur the more that people feel neutral and safe in the status quo. It could be that Trump was promoted by tech companies to weaken people’s faith in the status quo, making a take-over easier to accomplish.

An amazing discussion about this topic here.


This corporation appears to be obsessed with utopic ideas, from self-driving cars, to global internet access, to their highly valued workplace conditions.

Google has even started plans to create a tech utopia on an island that is free from governmental control. Yes. They want the freedom to engage in controversial social experiments without any outside influence to stop them.

Big Data is the biggest is where one of the biggest concern for the future of Google’s power lies. 


If you’ve never heard of big data, you should check this out. Listen to the podcast and have your mind blown. Big data is essentially data sets of collected information, generally acquired through the internet from search history, word choices on social media, and almost any kind of seemingly irrelevant data that is freely available via the internet. The data at first glance, may appear irrelevant or useless, something like word choices or the rate of typos, but it gets more extreme when you consider the immense number of correlative information that can be found, and when it becomes possible to predict the future based on the most inconspicuous connections.

For example, one of the current research projects going on aims to prevent suicide by using big data analytics. This is potentially an amazing possibility. It can also result horribly, if used to cause suicide somehow. This is only the beginning of big data, so its uses are likely limited to observation, but with enough observation, a strange correlational understanding of sociological phenomenon will eventually exist, and allow for conspiracy-level plots to control the details of people’s lives in a way that could give users of big data, an unfathomable amount of power.

Imagine a future where self-driving cars are a norm. One of the main ethical issues surrounding self-driving cars is what to do in a situation where a people will definitely die in a crash. There may be options between who we kill, let’s say 5 people versus 2 people, depending on where the car decides to crash. The given is that the crash is inevitable. Someone will die, so the cars may be programmed to do the lesser of two evils. This is known in philosophy as the trolley-problem.

Now consider that, using big data to analyze people’s locations and habits, an outside company could likely operate a murder business that manipulates people’s daily habits so they are in alignment in a way that leads a self-driving car into killing targeted people. This could even be a legally operated business potentially. Or a dark-web service. They could hire actors, and people would have a very difficult time proving this kind of thing in court. It would be hard to hide the existence of such a business though, as it would surely go viral immediately once anyone found out about it.

The problem is that these tech-companies have enough money, and freedom, that they could hire legal engineers that work on exploiting and essentially hacking the legal systems in place, allowing for perfectly legal and yet horrible things to occur. This is mostly in the domain of social power, and not so much legal drug trading or something of the sorts.

Google is not the only company using big data, but it has the search engine data of a massive sample of the population. Another possible fear is that the role that ads play in society could escalate and get out of hand.

An adverse advertising dystopia.

The algorithms used for this kind of big data analysis is essentially making use of technological surveillance of online activity, for the benefit of the users and advertisers. As an example, Target once found out a girl was pregnant, without her ever announcing this information, based on correlative data from other people becoming pregnant.


What could you do with 4 million dollars to spend everyday? Because that’s the life Mark Zuckerberg lives. Facebook has immense power by being global and having access to everyone’s information and potentially their lifestyles and many details that they could use to correlate to other data to fully understand different demographics. At the time of this post, they have occupied nearly half of the internet users of the world, and also 21% of the world, if you consider their statistic of 1.5 billion users, and the world having nearly 7 billion people. According to this link, it would only cost 1% of his net worth to match Hillary’s campaign, the most expensive campaign up to this point.

Algorithmic Censorship is the biggest concern with the potential future of Facebook. The idea of algorithmic censorship showed up when Facebook coerced its users into experiments on social engineering and the potential it has via social media. Social engineering involves manipulating people through various means. In the case of Facebook, this means ordering an algorithm to reveal different algorithmically chosen content to two groups of people, and comparing the results. They had one group of people under the effects of an algorithm that selects out posts with emotionally positive content, and the algorithm biases toward these posts. The other group was shown negative content. The result was that Facebook users who’s feed had a positive bias started posting more positive posts themselves, and those who saw negative content, posted more negative content themselves. They also constantly perform these experiments, and to the degree that most or all users have taken part.

Facebook could have used algorithms to choose Trump to win the election, due to his manipulatability, or perhaps they are working together even. Mark Zuckerberg could collect data from triggering populations into reacting on Facebook, to collect political data. Facebook could have facilitated public political discussion by using algorithmic promotion of the political-word-content in people’s posts, and accelerating the views to their friends. This would explain why Facebook culture seems so highly opinionated, compared to the more formal and decent compared to Reddit, which is anonymous let’s remember. Usually anonymous content is expected to result in more rash behaviors.

When people post their opinionated views, especially in Facebook groups, where people express highly intense ideas, under the privacy of pseudo-anonymity, their opinions are collected to profile them. This will allow Facebook to have immense demographic data and also the power that comes with it. They could sell this information to the government. Or use it to create their own government, or increase the chances of success if Zuckerberg were to run for president.

Wikileaks could have been a group who noticed the movement of technology to surpass government influence on society, and took sides, favoring the emerging tech age over government influence. They helped Trump win because of this. They would not want to spread the secret, being that the government would start a war on the technologists, and prevent greater societal progress towards Utopia.

Wikileaks could also achieve a similar effect by lobbying by having governments pay to release content. They use their hacking skills to take power over governments. They could also potentially blackmail countries, or even have them bid on the choice to release information that threatens a country.

Facebook has an actual political team that works for clients to maximize influence on Facebook users, to sway them in the direction of the client’s position. They have even been found to meddle in political issues on a global scale. This is politicized social engineering in action.

Facebook meddles in German politics.

More worrisome, Facebook has its own big data analytics team, which could allow for a kind of social power that is previously unprecedented.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg announced he is no longer an atheist. This is likely a good sign that he is plotting to get into politics, and potentially run for president of the United States.

Zuckerberg presents his New World Order.

Throughout his speech, he made appeals to all of the demographics that Trump has offended. Millennials are mentioned as he talks about the desires of our generation. Socialism is mentioned by his appeal to universal basic income. Illegal immigrants are targeted at one point, where Zuckerberg even cries telling a story. During this story, social justice is mentioned, implying SJWs are being appealed to. He presents a vision that fits with many demographics of today’s youth, likely his target demographic as millennials and tech-savvy teens grow into adulthood, ready to vote.

Facebook has begun investigating cryptocurrency now.This is significant because the worth of Zuckerberg could modulate the market heavily. There is also immense power in Facebooks ability to promote cryptocurrencies or spread mass hysteria. Also it has been suggested that cryptocurrency may be the best option we have to make universal basic income a reality.

The next civil war will be between the technologists and anti-technologists. The anti-technologists will fight the motion towards the internet. And the fear-mongering has already started.

How much easier is it to take over the world when everyone is in the dopaminergic haze of social gratification networks?

Another current issue, is that Facebook could have potentially interfered with American politics, possibly using algorithmic censorship to get Trump into office. Why would such a progressive seemingly liberal tech-company want someone as regressive as the conservative Trump in office? Facebook might incentive to have Trump as president because he has no political background, meaning the door is opened now for those who don’t have a political background, such as Mark Zuckerberg.

The most problematic aspect would be that Zuckerberg may be able to manipulate his own success via social engineering tactics, and it could even be perfectly legal. This could be the beginning of techno-politics manifesting in what is essentially the new wild west: the internet.

Zuckerberg very awkwardly denying any personal agenda in the American election.

From this video, Facebook appears innocent and seems to have good intentions. But is there any evidence that Facebook is already corrupt?

Veritasium has exposed Facebook’s advertisement fraud system in 2014.

This shows that Facebook’s values may not lie with capitalist ideologies, because this algorithm essentially farms people who can afford to use money as a platform for their success, rather than quality ideas being spread fairly. This seems to be a core of Mark Zuckerberg’s ideology, which is apparent from his speech at Harvard.

There is another fraud where Facebook is stealing intellectual property and doesn’t care.

According to the hit show Mr Robot, Facebook is definitely ‘evil’. And the show’s creator put it very well here:

An excerpt below by the show’s creator, Esmail. Link here.

quote esmal

The NSA and Facebook have also teamed up to create 1984 level surveillance. They also track nonusers of Facebook. And now, Facebook was found to be censoring political positions by deleting certain political accounts, but not others.

Through a concept called mimetic desireit is possible to shift your opinions based on a natural tendencies we have to imitate and empathize with each other. This is more social engineering.

If anti-technologists fight back, they will begin by attempting to legislate the internet, and reduce the flexibility of possibilities that currently exists with computer technology. The technologists will want cyber-anarchy/democracy, and resist the limitations to potential inventiveness in technology, hoping to manage the issues as they develop, using socialized agreement to stop them. The anti-technologists will fear runaway power that could get into the hands of tech-giants and make them politically unstoppable toward any agenda they choose.

The fact that the internet is non-localized and global, also gives rise to the possibility of people like Zuckerberg being globally protected, or even possibly running other countries beyond America. As we have already seen, Facebook has shifted the politics in many countries already, does a title of leadership need be?

At this point, does the title, ‘leader’, even have relevance to the new world that is being created by the internet?

Since Russia has announced the cold war of AI, this will likely show its face again as Zuckerberg campaigns for presidency. After all, what better person is suited for presidential power against the now feared Russia and their race to AI, than one of the largest tech-company creators of all time?

And lastly, 

What about the race to Utopia?



Zuckerberg sells a massive amount of his Facebook stocks.

Trump, Facebook, and Cambridge Analytica are connected.

Cambridge analytica developer claims being scapegoated by Facebook.

Facebook is caught in Cambridge analytica scandal.

It’s happening. Facebook is being investigated.

Facebook likes manipulated US politics.

Technologists regret their inventions.

Trudeau is catching on to the issue.

Facebook accused of accelerating Fake News on purpose.

Facebook fears Mueller, as they facilitated election corruption.

Kushner loses access to top secret intelligence.

Kushner’s assistant resigns.

Anti-Technologist coalition forms from early technologists.

Facebook bans Brazils biggest news source.


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