Persona Tuning

This is the schizophrenic opinion of Dr. Mr. Professor Vaughn:

Psychedelics retune your subjectivity into the subjectivity that someone else experiences. In general that is their whole effect. It’s like tuning the knob on intelligence and consciousness. We are all born somewhere on this scale that can be tuned. And we get stuck in one spot.

I think when humans are truly comfortable they are capable of sliding between those levels of consciousness on command. I think it’s fear, pain, and anxiety, that prevent you from having the ability to slide. Sliding between these states is how telepathy would work because you can try to tune into the other persons subjective state. Not necessarily hear or experience their experiences though. It would be more like contagious yawning. But contagious perspective of sorts. We actually have all the perspectives within ourselves. Or at least very many perspectives and we usually trap ourselves into one secure perspective that we end up using to associate most of our worldviews with.

The more that my perspective reaches an analog state, a kind of infinite perspective, the more I struggle to be able to communicate on a similar plane to others. I find others cannot figure out what I’m trying to speak of. I become highly vague because I expand my thoughts by reducing things in to symbols. For example I will use a noun once and then refer to it as “it” thereafter. Sometimes I speak vaguely in worse ways than this. By only speaking in similes.

Other people cannot keep up exactly because of this. It would require them to rapidly symbolize and abstract concepts over and over but also for them to guess what my symbols are is even more of a problem. I don’t have to guess my symbols such as “it”. I know exactly what “it” is.

I can lose touch despite the fact that the resolution of my subjective experience is increasing. Because philosophical issues arise and highly logical problems. And your ability to solve these problems becomes an important factor into your “sanity”.

Solipsism, for example, does not have anyway to prove its existence but most people assume it’s not. This assumption becomes almost real, an illusion of truth. If psychosis is the non illusion state, it makes sense that they would not experience the common sense idea that our reality is not so common sense. And finding philosophical and “logical evidence” or maybe “spiritual evidence” can change your perspective and assumption. You no longer assume that you can trust the worldviews of the masses. Then subjective reality becomes highly flexible and more pure. You begin to gain back your senses and reason. But you can lose touch.

What if for a day, you could actually convert to a solipsist worldview? Because you most certainly don’t live by the uncertainty, you live assuming that it’s a non-solipsist world, “just in case”. It is a form of faith. Common faith.

What factors would become relevant in the solipsist faith though? Things like social information would become highly suspicious. Reading scientific articles would not be as philosophically trustworthy. It could be elaborate lies like a conspiracy.

The rate of believability between these two possibilities is philosophically 50%. So for you to mainly live as a non-solipsist is actually fallacious at its core. What could you be missing out on from the solipsist universe if it were in fact true? We would never know until we tried. We only assume we are missing out of this “more important” social life if we become solipsist. We might not yet realize how important the other reality is.

What if the conspiracy mindset is solipsist in nature? It is the fundamental aspect of conspiracism.

I think deep down, everyone’s fundamental spiritual experience is different slightly at least but in a way that’s very similar to solipsism. And there are lots of weird paranoid ideas constantly but more on a micro scale. Because it wasn’t picked up by enough people to become highly taboo. Whereas schizophrenic might be fully awoken spiritually but this means the “real world as we know it” is almost arbitrary on some level.

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