What Is This?

Purple Tree

This is a blog focused mostly on science, psychology, and philosophy, especially as related to psychological concepts, psychedelic drugs, and cognition. Much of the content here is literature reviews, although there sometimes more philosophically oriented posts or subjective experience reports as well. Other content in the blog focuses on analysis of concepts in psychology and psychiatry through critical thought. Usually arguing against classical models of mental health concepts due to logical errors and oversights in the definitions or assumptions in the research.

My name is Gaige Clark. I am a student of neuroscience, music producer, amateur photographer, obsessive thinker, and the author of these posts. This blog is an outlet for my thoughts, hypotheses, theories, and maybe occasionally artistic writing.

AN UPDATE 8/16/2020: Now this project is craving to move forward on implementing serious experiments, if funding for such projects can be achieved. This may be through Patreon but also through collaborations or grants. This story will evolve with time.