Thought Experiments To Understand Psychosis

This post will present thought experiments I have thought up that tend to help understand psychosis, mania, delusional thinking, or thought disorders. The post will be updated each time I uncover a new thought experiment.

Thought Experiments


What if the masses of society were being farmed by elites for some quality?

The elites in this scenario would be hyper-intelligent or creative. Thought comes clearly to them. No confusion. Everything has an almost psychic clarity to it. Imagine that they create art and forms of media, that are placed into the cultural matrix of the masses.

When some creative individual that resides within the cultural matrix of the masses, realizes the truths about reality, being the true government of society, they would be picked from the masses and placed into elite society. The reason being, that this creative individual is within the range of moral consideration that grants elite-hood. The farming of the masses is the most necessary and moral option.

Describe the elite society that fits this description to win the game.

This experiment reveals a conspiratorial and paranoid aspect of psychotic cognition. If you took this concept, and tried to fit the details of real life, such as finding art in the media and assuming its pointing you to some epiphany about the nature of our government, it can be very realistic, in terms of seemingly supportive evidence.


Imagine you are locked in a room by a group of mad scientists. You did not give consent, and you know nothing about what is going on.

The scientists come into the room to visit you periodically. They give you a stack of unlimited pieces of paper, and drawing utensils.

You begin to track every event and detail, hoping to find the meaning behind this situation.

Eventually, you begin to notice patterns in the events, due to order of events, and due to the time that each event occurs.

Imagine that you did this, and rationalized details about the physical appearance of each scientist. You begin to form a profile of each scientist, and begin to understand the outside world. You eventually realize the possible lifestyles each scientist lives. Some have dirtier hands. Some have muscles. Various details, combined with the data of their schedules forms a picture. You reach a point where you can reasonably assume the hobbies, family life, or other details about each scientist, all within your box prison.

This is what it means to think outside the box, and this is what it means to be psychotic. 

The experiment presented here is particularly interesting because it presents a possible axiom for psychotic thinking. The level of investment a person has, outside the box, compared to inside the box, should correlate to the degree of disconnect from reality, because reality, is what is inside the box. The further from the box you go, you begin to rely more heavily on either abstract or predictive data, and the potential for error increases. If you increase the layers of rational conclusions formed by predictive data, one might convince themselves that many things are true, especially the more their rationality appears to make sense to them, because it is created data. The more logically consistent the data, the more validated the intuitive idea becomes.


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