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My psychology theories will be here


Theory Of Creativity

Exploring Darkness

Why does society stigmatize creativity? It has to due with fear of the unknown. More specifically, the fear of the risks of exploring the darkness. The darkness represents unknown, and thus the fear of the unknown. Creative types 

D2sh Mechanics Hypothesis

Dopamine Economics

A model for the mechanics of D2sh in relation to attention diffusion, and why this mechanism is useful and in what scenarios it would be naturally triggered. This topic is only one hypothesis for the functionality of these receptors, as there are possibly alternate interpretations as well.

Illusion Hypothesis

Marijuana, Cognition, and Perception

Optical illusions are observed to be reduced in schizophrenic people. This may be related to NMDA status or other glutamatergic mechanisms. Marijuana, psychedelics, and their effects may be able to paint why this trend occurs.